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production of 60 ton mining dump truck for the first time in Iran
Delta rah machine has begun production of 60 tons mining dump truck concerning maximum support to mine units for the first time in Iran , in which the latest technology and all necessary quality tests have been used . This high-quality product, which is priced at about 50 percentage of equivalent ...
2020/4/8 14:45:00

Iran mine house's board of directors have closely visited Delta Rah Machine products, technical and management skills
Iran mine house's board of directors have closely visited Delta Rah Machine products, technical and management skills. And Mr Bahraman , head of iran mine house , frankly declared that delta Rah Machine , as one of the strongest arm for mining and contractors , has astonished people for its high ...
2019/7/10 11:12:09

Delta Rah Machine to inform all applicants implies that all products only with models 2016 are presented.
2016/4/17 13:18:39

“Delta RahMachine to the welfare of customers to provide faster service SMS system service is launched Guide to SMS system : If you need service, send an SMS request to number 0098-30003258 Also,Your feedback can also share the same phone numbers
2015/6/22 11:18:06

Participation in Tabriz International Exhibition on 26th May 2016
2015/4/5 10:09:01

Why delta rah?

In order to satisfy customers and in view of the wide distribution of products throughout the country, in addition to the central workstation located at the factory site, more than 20 active sales and after sales service dealers throughout the country, using fixed and mobile experts With all the accessories and spare parts. With the quality of its production and after-sales services, the company has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 quality control standards certificate, which shows the efforts and planning of the company's managers and personnel to satisfy as many customers as possible. The central exhibition center of 2500 square meters located on Ayatollah Saeed highway, in addition to the high capacity for introducing products in technical terms, handling and answering your inquiries, is ready to visit your respected applicants daily.

  • شهرداری اصفهان||||194||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • سازمان شهرىاري ها||||239||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • سابیر||||241||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • اداره راهداری||||242||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • وزارت راه و شهرسازی||||243||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • بنیاد مسکن||||245||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • چینه ساز بیهق||||246||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • اداره آب منطقه ای قم||||247||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • آذریورد||||377||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • کربنات سدیم کاوه||||378||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • ایده پردازان صنعت فولاد||||379||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • سرمایه گذاری خانه گستر||||380||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • شرکت راهسازی ریبار||||381||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • تام ایران خودرو||||382||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • فولاد سیرجان ایرانیان||||383||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • ره گستر نفت||||384||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • پانید آب کوشا||||385||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • مس درخشان||||386||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • ناورود||||387||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • وزارت نفت||||388||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • شرکت معدن کاری اولنگ||||389||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • صنایع ملی مس ایران||||390||||لوگوی مشتریان
  • خانه معدن ایران||||391||||لوگوی مشتریان